if { web applications } then {system intrusion}

Now ! a days every one hears about ASP , PHP or Asp.net.

These frameworks have enabled programmers to make dynamic websites. Well web applications can be a heaven for some but a disaster for others .

Let me directly cut to the chase . Well for instance  you encounter a website www[.]dummy[.]org  which runs ASP. The Dummy.org’s server is guarded by a very sophisticated firewall. you find a script login.asp which has fields username and password ! You some how hack into it [For details about how to bypass core firewall and webapplication attacks visit Xc0re Knowledge Core ] and see that the login interface has a full control over the server and the website , you do nothing just log out !

Now after that who needs to hackinto the box , download a rootkit and try to hackin without authentication 🙂 !

Peace !


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