Kolibri+ Webserver 2 Multiple Vulnerabilities

Kolibri+ Webserver 2 suffers from multiple vulnerabilities namely Directory Traversal &  Denial OF Service. Vulnerability was reported on 6th of September 2009 by Xc0re Security Research Group.


An attacker can easily crash the server , or send a crafted http request to escape the root directory and view any file , even outside the root directory.


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I am a Security researcher and a consultant View all posts by xc0re

One response to “Kolibri+ Webserver 2 Multiple Vulnerabilities

  • Fedja

    Thanks for downloading and testing Kolibri Webserver.

    Please note that “Kolibri+ is primarily intended for testing, development and demo activities … Kolibri+ is not intended for any serious production use.”

    So Kolibri is not secure for the same reason bicycles don’t have airbags 🙂

    Fedja S. (senkas.com)

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