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Facebook Intelligence Or Deception


Today I would like to tell you some thing that I noticed a while back in our favorite hangout spot , Facebook ! In today’s world there is nothing that can be called plain and simple.Every thing from Google Search results to Facebook’s friends feeds , are controlled by Algorithms that basically, in simple words control how you see the information.

In Facebook what happens is that it detects and stores your Clicks. Clicks could be any thing ranging from clicking on the like button on some friend’s video or status or comment.Similarly it creates trends of users , for example usually you see that the advertisements shown on your home page are different then that of your friend’s home page. This was harmless and sometimes helped the user to find something of interest in those ads.

Now the scary part. Currently in Facebook what is happening is that those friends with whom u get out of touch on Facebook as in don’t tag them or post any thing on their wall or perform any kind of activity , are automatically removed from the news feeds on your home page.That is you wont see any updates from that friend and you would think that the friend is not using his/her’s Facebook. When in actuality Facebook decided for you whom to see in your feeds and whom not to see.

So I am forced to ask that is Facebook becoming intelligent or is it deceiving us?

Now this for you all to decide!

Peace !!!

Cyber Deception

Cyber Deception has alot of meanings but in this context this means that  hackers start deceiving the government by creating Underground websites or Hackers news websites. These websites show that they are just finding updated news and posting it but  reality is actually somewhat different.You must have heard about the phrase MAKING THE NEWS. Well this is what these groups believe in.

The most Prominent of all is created by the guy who is the part of Indian Cyber Army (unofficial) called The Hacker News and what happens is that they deface any high valued website of Pakistan or around the world and then posts it onto their website as a news. Though they also post websites posted by other hackers but maximum websites posted by hacker news are by the Indian Cyber Army(unofficial).

The funny thing is that most of the lists are fake.Some times they deliberately give links of some website ,which is their target , as a challenge ,thus they dont have to get their hands dirty and the server gets compromised.

An Indian Hacker called Zero , compromised servers of Pakistan and posted the list onto yet another site : Voice of Grey hat

The Strangest thing is that China , Russia and many other countries have created their Cyber Armies.Some of the hackers which are the part of these Cyber Armies start these kinds of websites which is by law totally wrong.

These were some examples of Cyber Deception , there are many more.

Peace out!!!